Home brew Blue Durango tea packs are here!

Your favorite restaurant-quality iced tea is now available in convenient individual brew packs. Our retail package comes with 8 single-use tea bags. This is the same Blue Durango Classic craft iced tea we blend and pack for our restaurant accounts. Enjoy delicious full-flavored Blue Durango iced tea at home anytime. This item is available for purchase in the retail section of our website.


Bring to a Boil 32 oz. of water. Make sure water is no longer rumbling (off heat) and pour over the teabag.

Steep your tea bag for 6 minutes. Agitate the teabag every couple of minutes and watch the red color emitted from the sachet grow in richness.

Remove teabag from concentrate and either discard or scatter the contents into your garden.

Now add the concentrate you just made to 56 oz. of cold water. Pour over a full glass of ice and listen to the cubes crackle with excitement.

Store completed tea pitcher in the fridge for up to 4 days. We doubt you will have any left by then anyway!

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