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Thanks for checking back.  We hope you find our new site user-friendly and easy to navigate.  It’s hard to believe that Atlanta Coffee Supply Group is 20 years old.  We have had the pleasure to serve some of the great chef’s of the Southeast and patrons from all over the world.  Sounds a bit dramatic, but with good fortune we have been able to maintain a vibrant business in the ever growing international city of Atlanta.  Over the years we have developed two of our own coffee and iced tea brands - Lakehouse Coffee & Blue Durango “Classic” Iced Tea - along with helping build the regional market for premier brands: Mighty Leaf Tea, Lavazza, Rancillio, Monin, Ghirardelli, Dr. Smoothie, and other allied products and equipment for beverage service.

Atlanta Coffee Supply Group (hereto forthwith) “ACSG” - sometimes legalese is funny - was built on a huge cliché “Great product, backed by great service.”  Who doesn’t say that if you are trying to start a delivery business?  We know it doesn’t mean much if you can only offer one of the two; no way it holds merit if you say it and cannot deliver on either.  When you are a building a company and you can only survive on your reputation you work harder to make sure both sides of the cliché work in concert.  As it turns out ACSG has amazing products and we spoil our customers with service.  ACSG handles the installation and maintenance of equipment at your location, provides technical support when needed, and most importantly, we look at our relationship with you as a partnership.

Ok, so how does our service work?

  • You will receive a call from our office checking on your inventory and ordering needs OR you will get a reminder email to login to your page on this site and place your order online.
  • Delivery will often be the next day (or within 48 hours unless you are given a specific day each week)
  • Upon delivery we rotate your stock, and check all equipment to make sure there are no problems.

However, our service does not stop once we deliver your product for the week, in fact, our service is non-stop. ACSG has an on-call paging service 24hrs/7days a week. There will also be maintenance questions answered on this site along with “How to Videos” to hopefully aide in solving some issues faster than even we can get to your location.  This allows ACSG to maintain the quality of service that our accounts deserve. Atlanta Coffee Supply Group has spent years perfecting the service we provide to our customers.

Atlanta Coffee Supply Group looks forward to establishing a relationship with you and your business. We will make sure your expectations are exceeded. If you would like a reference feel free to speak to any of or accounts, we are confident of the recommendation that they will provide on our company.

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Lakehouse Coffee’s signature selection of fresh roasted coffee has filtered its way through the Southeast’s finest restaurants and cafes. Currently we feature a varied assortment of blended coffees that cover a wide range of tastes, aromas and appearance that appeals to everyone from the casual drinker to the most discerning aficionados.


Atlanta Coffee Supply Group’s proprietary signature iced tea brand "Blue Durango” offers three incredibly flavorful craft blended teas specially selected for brewing our iced tea. Born in the South, Blue Durango satisfies the most discerning tea drinker with a refreshing glass of iced tea.