Our History

There comes a time in everyone's life when the pang of responsibility requires you to make an action occur that will set your life's course. Didn't quite happen that way here - in fact, many small actions took the path of a pinball rattling amongst the bumpers. It was when I finally got the silver ball to come to rest inside that artificial corner created when one flipper arches up, it dawned on me that at almost thirty I had better get my life together - my pang of responsibility!?!

That was 1995. Lakehouse Coffee has fortunately created a following for the serious coffee drinkers. We offer a change from the norm and unassuming addition to your times of reward and relaxation. One of our biggest challenges had been to win the confidence and palate of the more highly regarded chefs in the Southeastern region. Lakehouse Coffee is now served in their highly touted restaurants.

Our next phase of growth will come from the consumer market - "we've been around for too long to continue to go unnoticed!" If you've read this far, first we thank you, secondly, we hope that your interest in our brand of specialty coffees entices you to bring freshly roasted beans on your next travels or to brew them right at home.

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