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Why Iced Tea Cocktails are Summer's Best Drink

Summer has barely begun and it's already hit 900 degrees in Atlanta (give or take). We are definitely in for a scorcher and there is one thing we swear by when it comes to beating the heat: Cold drinks.
Iced tea cocktails are truly the best boozy beverage you can sip when it’s steamy -- they’re refreshing, low-cal (when you use unsweet tea), AND you get an extra energy boost from the caffeine, which is crucial when the high temps are sucking the life out of you.
Here are our favorite ways to get tipsy on tea….and where to find some of these libations around Atlanta!
Spiked Arnold Palmer
Who doesn’t love the crisp concoction of iced tea and lemonade (fondly referred to as an Arnold Palmer)? Just add vodka in the mix and you have yourself a winner, just like Arnie himself. We like D.B.A. Barbecue’s twist on this classic drink -- the “Candler Park” is citrus vodka, fresh squeezed lemonade, and sweet tea, served by the glass or carafe.
Tea + Liquor of Your Choice
Iced tea mixes very well with a variety of liquors (why do you think they made a sweet tea vodka?). You can mix it with vodka, rum, bourbon/whiskey, or tequila, depending on your tastes. At Bartaco, the Well Oiled Style is a carafe of our iced tea infused with ginger and mint (incredibly delicious) + a double shot of the liquor of your choice. The ginger mint flavor really brings this cocktail to another level, we can’t recommend it enough!
Iced Tea Mojito

We’ll keep this short and sweet. Just substitute iced tea (unsweetened works better) for the club soda in a mojito and VOILA!

Spiked Raspberry Tea

This is a fun recipe to play with and perfect at home, but you can also order it anywhere (as long as the bar has Chambord). Just ask for an iced tea and vodka with two splashes of Chambord (about half an ounce) for a tasty raspberry treat. Garnish with fresh raspberries and mint if available. Here’s a more involved recipe if you’re feeling Pinterest-y.
Iced Tea-rita
Yes, you guessed it -- an iced tea margarita! Experienced bartenders should be able to handle this one or you can try your hand at home -- you just need unsweetened iced tea, tequila, triple sec, lemon, lime, and simple syrup (here’s a recipe). Add your favorite fresh fruits (blueberries, peaches, strawberries, etc.) for extra fun and flavor.

Bottoms up! _

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