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Iced Tea - Your Most Profitable Item?

With nearly a 97% profit margin, brewed iced tea is the profit leader for restaurants. High quality iced tea means better appearance and flavor that equates to repeat sales and returning customers. Blue Durango iced tea is a craft brewed tea that is truly an artisan product. Loaded with true tea flavor, anti-oxidants, and brews a deep reddish brown color it is THE brand that customers across the region are seeking out. Let's discuss how Blue Durango and Atlanta Coffee Supply Group can help you satisfy your discerning patrons.

More and more customers demand boutique products in restaurants. Why serve them super market brands or "House Recipe" iced tea? Give them a true high-end product for about the same cost.

Available in Classic, Green, and Hibiscus varieties. Per glass price is about a nickel!

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