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As the sun breaks through the tops of the pointy evergreens the cool morning air tingles the senses of each hair on your arm. The trip up was enjoyable, but a little longer that unusual. It seems like everyone has the same idea - get out of town! This morning is different…a crooked smile develops on your face. You realize that although getting to where you are now took some effort, you arrive to complete isolation.

The effort is worth the morning, the afternoon, and definitely the early evening. Your weekend is filled with - absolutely nothing. Oh, there is the occasional nap. Eating? Is there ever anything else to do? No way. Eating? Did I mention the occasional nap? Thinking about that hike? After the nap.

Hold it! Did we forget the kids back in town? No, they are actually sleeping in this morning. In that case, I'll have another cup of coffee and a longer sit. What's for breakfast?

Welcome to the "Lakehouse Zone."

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Lakehouse Coffee’s signature selection of fresh roasted coffee has filtered its way through the Southeast’s finest restaurants and cafes. Currently we feature a varied assortment of blended coffees that cover a wide range of tastes, aromas and appearance that appeals to everyone from the casual drinker to the most discerning aficionados.